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We’ve been helping people get fit and healthy for a really long time and we’ve seen the world change a lot since we started doing this. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed; LIFE. And sometimes it just gets in the way.

We know it’s a bit different for us because fitness is our business, but just like you, we have bills to pay, busy lives, families, demands, social pressures, and all the same fears, struggles and anxieties that you face. In those moments of burnout and defeat we all crave a place to retreat from the chaos. Where we can simplify our lives and focus on ourselves.

The purpose of Forest House is to lead the way in helping you overcome life’s motivational barriers to wellness by giving you the space and time to make a meaningful change. We want to make a real impact in people’s lives and help develop that deep-rooted confidence to prioritise your needs, build a consistent routine and show up for yourself, day in, day out.

We believe that our unique framework and revolutionary concept can support everyone in our community on their journey to achieve inner happiness and wellbeing.

We are Forest House,
welcome home.


Jon, Tom, Steve, Bharat, Raj & Rob
Forest House Founders.

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